Friday, January 13, 2012

Unmask. Show us your face.

At the core, I will focus on one element that allows people to disassociate themselves with the actions they are about to commit on others.  The mask.

And therefore - I challenge the global community to find ways to remove the masks of our enemies.
Because the mask is at the root of what allows them to take the actions that they do.

As a regular person.  If you see someone in a mask in the news.  Be it the Iranian's brutalizing their citizens, Hammas, the KKK, the Taliban.  We need to inoculate ourselves against any moral relativity between a masked group - and ourselves.  And we must keep to the higher ground.

This presentation captures a broad spectrum of the roots of evil.
All other times I have seen Zimbardo - he has been in a suit.  Highly paced.  And looking truly professional.  Watch him when he steps out of that uniform.  It changes him too.

In one section he shows the likelihood of atrocities and abuses of power when someone wears a mask and thus their identity is covered.  It jumps to 90%.

Thus, Israel's primary diplomatic objective should be... not to get Hammas or the PlO to be friendly to them.  Or, to accept Israel as a state.

The primary objective of Israel to the Palestinians should be  - "Take off your masks permanently and we will talk."  Because the mask is at the root of what allows atrocity.

The same should be true between Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Taliban.

No negotiations should persist while people wear masks that cut the root of their moral humanity.

Thus: I declare a solution to the World's Problems is through all means possible to either persuade, or force the removal of these masks as the primary goal of actions.

After watching Zimbardo.

Now look at the various groups wearing masks and what they are capable of.


The Iranians when brutalizing their citizens.  Look at images of the atrocities, but scroll down to the third item.  Below the video.  Again.  The mask.

The KKK and their masks.

Al Quaeda
Masked again.

Consider... what image pops into your mind when you think of a bank robber?
That mask allows cover so they might not get caught after being on video.
But, the mask is also what unlocks the side of their human nature... allows them to cross the line - to carry it out.

Consider that in Syria - during their current atrocities - they add another mechanism.  Hidden snipers.  Who can disassociate themselves with their actions because they are hidden far away behind a wall.

Because the social-psychological mechanism that allows the structuring of a system where normal people will create atrocity.  We should be on a mission to find ways to get these groups to remove the masks.

We should not allow them to hide behind a veil that gives them permission to ignore their humanity.

How is this most useful now?
Well - we want to solve these major issues.
First, military leaders, political leaders, and the general populace should become aware.
Any time you see a masked player in a military scene - that is a marker that atrocity will soon happen and intervention may be warranted.  The mask is a precursor to one's ability to carry out the atrocity.  When they are wearing it... know that they have already received their orders!

Later - I will put the images and studies directly into this article.  For now.  Use the links!

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