Friday, January 13, 2012

Fix the High Divorce Rate

First, understand the scope of the problem and where it is heaviest.
Then train the capacity to proper conflict resolution.

I will begin with a statement that may reduce your fears.

Yes, the divorce rate is about 56%.

No - that doesn't mean everyone gets divorced.

In reality, a majority of all divorces are happening with people who have only a high school education.  Often, those people get married younger in their early 20's.

Some relationship experts argue that a person isn't themself until they are 30.

So, if you have a higher degree of education... your odds of divorce are much lower.

Source of the problem:

Not conflict, but how conflict is handled.

I will go into this later, but you will see that this blight on society can be solved.

Divorce is actually one of the most costly of all things in society.

I will try to post numbers soon when I have time.

But, the rewards for solving that problem are massive in dollar amounts... not just personal feelings and lives.

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