Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Obama's Economic Turnaround

Thesis: Republicans have blocked and slowed the passage of anything that would create jobs.
Their goal is to block a recovery until they have more power and can take credit.

Their two methods are to slow job creation and to increase uncertainty.

In that context.  Obama achieved economic results.

I will be posting all the highlights here to build the full case based on data.
Videos of those screaming loudest against him now, though they were for what he was doing at the time, will also be posted.

I will try to show the general picture and then the specific elements - like Stimulus... health care spending drops effect on GDP, impact of 50 year lows of tax revenue on the debt, and other key elements of the puzzle.

This will draw heavily from previous posts and will be focused on factual economic data I collected along the way.

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