Sunday, April 13, 2008

Iran's Involvement in Asymetric Combat

You are missing this.

This entire war is about Asymetric Combat against the United States. If you cannot beat the US Militarily, what other way?
The two war strategies are 1) Anhilation - wiping us off the Earth 2) Attrition - beating us by taking out our recources and supply chain.

Consider Bin Laden was part of the group that took down Russia by keeping them stuck in Afganistan spending their money. Thats how to take the recources of a government.

Read this:

What if the other way to take the recources of the government was by stopping the flow of tax dollars that fund the government?

If we go into recession then tax dollars slow and the money that funds the military slows down.

Note here that Opec nations are not increasing oil production to lower prices. In fact, it is the first time they have acted in a coordinated fashion. Normally, a few opec nations sneak and ramp up production to make as much money as possible - even when they agree not to, but they are working in concert this time.

Now, Iran builds relations with Venezuala. One word - Oil. Venezuala is a huge supplier of oil and owns Citgo.

So... if you want to take out the US how would you do it?

Would the gas prices be $4 per gallon? Even though it costs $2 a barrel for the entire production line from the Middle East to here?

If oil prices went up and then... lets say we began to use Ethanol as a back-up plan. And Ethanol uses corn, which increases corn demand, so farmers begin growing more corn - because prices are higher. Then, farmers stop growing all other grains and prices for those go up.

Wait - then that would be the perfect recipe for a government to spend a trillion dollars in Iraq - Iran would be helping to keep us there by creating a proxy war.

Then you take the recources of the people in America by triggering a run up in prices for everything we buy.

Then recession occurs and America pays less taxes, while our government carries the largest debt in our history. So, they have no way to pay it off.

Then, the countries that are selling all this oil to us, send our money back, by buying all of our assets - our companies, with their sovereign wealth funds.

How would you take out the US? Direct war? Or, by going for its recources.

What is happening.

This is a war of attrition.

Iran and Venezuala have oil. If every car stops in America we have no economy. The economy funds our entire military.

We are missing it all.

This is a war of attrition.

Benjamin Corey Feinblum

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Asymetric combat does depend on minds. However, the terrorists have us all fooled. There are two types of wars. 1) A war of anhilation - blowing up your enemy. 2) A war of attrition - getting them from the back side by taking out their recources.

Do you think that they were hoping we'd spend all our money on building up security, maybe, go after them in a country - Afganistan - where Russia got stuck and drained all its money? Do you think - Iraq was a bonus that they got to take advantage of?

This is Asymetric combat. They cannot beat the US Military in battle. What if they cost us so much money, so much equipment, and our focus. What if in defense, we keep out people from our country - including people who have brilliant minds - and we experience an intellectual brain drain. What if the instability raises oil prices and opec nations who are anti-US deceide to play along and won't increase supplies? What if we start to make Ethanol as a backup plan - only - Ethanol uses corn - demand and prices for corn goes up - so all the farmers start to grow corn and then the supplies of all other crops go down and then prices of everything goes up.

What if - the way to take down the United States was the same way they took down Russia. A war of attrition. If you cannot beat them militarily - why not create a million things for them to chase, to divert their attention, to make it feel like a war of anhilation - while you are actually draining their bank of a trillion dollars.

And - when the price of oil goes up - we create the largest shift of wealth in the history of mankind. We send all our wealth over to oil producing nations.

Then - they have the wealth and begin to buy up our companies, a little bit at a time with their sovereign wealth fund. The fact that they have been draining our recources puts us into recession.

The value of the dollar has been dropping due to the cost of the war. So, everything they buy over here is cheaper. Yet, the multiples of money they are getting from oil - give them more money than they ever dreamed.

So - they buy our assets. All of our assets in this country go on sale and they buy them out from under us.

A country with no assets, massive government debt due to war costs, massive personal debt due to rising food and oil costs - that is a country under seige -
by a war of attrition.

Iraq and Afganistan are now misdirection. Tools to drain our bank accounts faster than we ever dreamed.

This is a war of attrition - they have beaten our minds.


Benjamin Corey Feinblum
Ps. If you wanted to take down America - how would you do it?

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The War of Attrition

They are either fighting a war of attrition, or a war of annhilation.

What if you couldn't beat a fully armed US military? Would you bog it down in Iraq? Would you break the bank in the country?

Would you create tight oil supplies to break the bank of all the individuals within the country to weaken tax revenues?

This is a war of attrition.

That is how they are going after our country.

Everything in Iraq is misdirection.

If we are digging ourselves into a deep hole.... stop digging.

I must talk to Byron Dorgan.

Or Joe Biden.

Or somebody.

If they can't win by annhilating us - they will win by attrition.

The Iraq war is misdirection.

This is asymetrical combat.

They thought they might get us in Afganistan and take us down like Russia.

I bet they never dreamt we would go into Iraq too.

Consider that they bet - we would redouble our security spending after the trade center bombings....

Every single thing here is about creating magical things for us to chase endlessly.

This is a war of attrition.

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