Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Letter to Senators.

Dear Joe Biden, or Staffer.

Are we missing something here that's going to bite us in the behind? We all talk about Al Qaeda in Iraq. We are fixated on them because that is who attacked us initially.

Has it occurred to anyone that, they are the absolute least of our threat.

Consider that Al Sadr has been laying extremely low. We've heard nothing from someone whose men were running around beheading people.

Before the surge, he was hiding in Iran.

While we worry about Al Qaeda, is he biding his time? Is he strengthening alliances with Iran. Is he tightening the bonds with his men, gaining resources? What exactly is he doing?

Remember, Saddam was a Sunni - in the minority - and he somehow found the strength to take over the country. What if Israel gets wrapped up with Gaza/Hamas and Hezbollah in a war and then we are pulling out of Iraq.

So, Al Sadr pulls a quick one and with a military coup backed up by Shiite Iran, we've got worse than Saddam Hussein.

We have altered the balance of power that was maintained when Iraq and Iran hated each other. Russia is friendlier to Iran than to us right now because we are angering them with our missile defense systems.

Remember, in the past, when overall world economy has tanked, that has set the conditions for larger global conflict. What happens if Al Sadr does what he is sitting quietly preparing to do while we are worried about Al Qaeda?

Has anyone considered this?


Benjamin Feinblum
Sociologist - with a background in Millitary Sociology.

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