Thursday, February 14, 2008

Arts and Creativity in Education

Many people know how important arts are to a complete education. Many people disaggree.

I want to make it clear.

Math, science, and other topics that are more logic brained endeavors use the analytical side of the brain. This develops heavier energy in people. Analyticals are not your light-hearted whimsical people.

Creativity centers trigger that energy of lightness. Art class teaches freedom - the core of our society - Student: "Is it right," Teacher: "Its your choice you deceide whats right." You don't get that in spelling class.

Deceide if you will be hanging around in a country where people have lost their sense of freedom and everyone resides in that analytical mode. Go talk to an artist. Observe the energy in their face. See how you feel after talking to one.

Who do you want to be talking to? Thats really the question.

For me, I would advise you to support the arts, by supporting an education system that helps develop people we may actually want to associate with.

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