Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Has it Occurred to Anyone?

That Al Sadr is laying low in Iraq because he knows a Democrat will be elected and we will in fact pull out of Iraq.

He is maintaining as low a profile as possible.

Remember, he has spent time in Iran.

Remember, a 3rd of the country is loyal to him and they do things as brutally as Al'Quaida.

Remember, that Saddam Hussein took over the government even though he was in the Sunni minority?

Al Sadr is laying low. Iran is laying lower.

They hear that we are about to leave.

Al Sadr will take over and Hezbollah and Iran are likely to be participating in the cakewalk.

Its not Al Quaida we've got to worry about.

They've got us fooled - they are hiding - building alliances and strength until we leave.

This all could be sparked when Israel goes into the Gaza strip.

It could militarize the region one step further and boom - the whole thing goes up.

These are a bunch of psychopaths who'd rather see stray dogs in the street eating dead bodies than live in peace.

They want their power and they're going to get it.

2/28/2008 This happens in 2009. I predict the future, you heard it hear first.

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