Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rise up America - Countering the Palin Halo Effect

Social-psychology of persuassion communication analysis.

I am a social psychologist and communications expert and am e-mailing a concise analysis of the current challenge at hand an approach to overcoming it.

1) Palin is experiencing the "Halo Effect."  This is when a full range of positive attributes are given to a person who is very attractive and seems like a positive person.

2) Obama benefited from some of that before.

3) McCain's current method is to directly target Obama's "Halo Effect," by smearing as solidly and as rapidly as possible.  Believing that Obama was successful due to this effect, he is going straight after it and chose a candidate that could challenge that.

4) To counter this, Barack needs to use the contrast principle, destroy Palin's halo ASAP, and rebuild his Halo Effect at the same time.

Method of Attack:
1) Demonstrate a pattern of calculating public deception
- listing of all deceptive elements.
a.  McCain on Obama's Tax plan
b. Palin bridge to nowhere
c.  The advertisement about sex ed for kindergardners
- and the full list, you are aware of what they are.

2) Put your version of the facts right next to theirs.
- Reality of Palin on the bridge + Your history on earmarks good vs. bad - 
-McCain's statements on taxes.  His history and real plan.  Your real plan.

Contrast these 100% right next to eachother.  

3) Focus on painting this as a pattern of deception.
4) Once the pattern is revealed bring up the question - if you see this deception, and don't question it now.  Where do you think we will be in one year.  Bush used lies and smears against Kerry, complete fabrications, and even used them against John McCain in 2000.  Here is the kicker - 

If we accept lies and distortions now - what will we if he is allowed to take office?

Bush smeared, swiftboated, and fooled America about John Kerry.  Then he fooled the entire country and tried to fool the world on WMD's.  It started before the campaign and continued when he got into office.

5) Shift your change message to a call for change today, now, rather than in two months or a year.

6) Call American's and the News Media to change by "rising up."  Do you think McCain and Palin will lie and distort now, and continue to do so, even after being discredited on issues - and then stop if they get to Washington.  Rise up America.
Do you think all those lies will just stop in November, it didn't happen with Bush - he just kept on lying - "Rise up America."
We may be seeing how McCain and Palin truly want to run this country in the future, if this is not what you want, "Rise up America."

Bring your change message, to be a message of rising up against the current lies.  

Frame this as a bigger issue. 
If you accept these huge lies now, what will America look like for the future, possibly the next 100 years?  Political attack engines, will lie and decieve their way into office.  And those who are best at lying, smearing, and deceiving will always end up being your President. 

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