Friday, September 19, 2008

McCain Flub Political action e-mail

Critical mistake of John McCain on the economy.

In today's speech (9/19/2008) McCain said the fed should return to managing the purchasing power of the dollar.

What that means is he wants to strengthen the value of the dollar.

However, the one factor that is keeping our growth numbers from clearly showing recession - the one bright spot in our economy - is that exports are up.

When our dollar is weak, our products are cheaper to people around the world, and we export more.

So, if we had a strong dollar right now, as McCain proposes, we would extinguish the one strong area in our economy.


Benjamin Feinblum
ps. I am independent, have voted both Republican and Democrat and am very specific on who I support. I have also met and spoken at length with John McCain in the past. I like the man, this is a disagreement of approach.

I've sent this to all the major producers of all the major news networks. Hopefully, this is caught and covered.

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