Thursday, July 17, 2008

What is the winning factor?
Obama will balance out any advantage among white voters with John McCain.
Neither will gain a huge leed there.
But, if Obama is balanced out there and a massive quantity of the population - black people - all vote for Obama and there is high turnout -
What happens?
He only needs to win by one vote.
If Obama is behind by 9% in the white vote and the black vote rolls in and 100% comes for him, he will win.
The black vote could actually be enough power that, the white voters balance each other out, and the black voters determine the election.
Consider what has been occuring in American Idol.
We have had many black winners.
This will be a similar situation.
All Obama has to do is chew away at McCain's leadership areas amongst white voters, and maintain his standing with black voters - and he wins by a large margin.
The black voter block - in this case it is a block - may block McCain from becoming President.

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