Thursday, July 17, 2008

How does Obama win by a Land Slide?
Economic Strength as an Obligation for National Security and an Obligation of the Commander in Chief.
After answering on Military points, returning at the end of each major statement to a pocket book issue.
As commander in Chief, I will be focused on energy at home - because it will create jobs, money for Americans, and security through independance from other countries.
America is more secure when more Americans have good jobs. That pays taxes, which funds our government and our military.
So, we do better in every way when our economy at home and how you are doing in your life, financially is taken into account.
How you are doing at home, your physical health, health care, financial situation, job stability, is the foundation for our national security.
As commander in chief I won't take my eyes off the foundation of our national security - you, your ability to work, your ability to earn a living, pay taxes, and keep our country economically strong.
So, I will do everything I can to keep this economy strong as the foundation to my national security plan.

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