Saturday, November 22, 2008

Primary Green Energy Initiative.

Primary Green Energy Initiative.  To spark the green revolution and create jobs in every state in a way that is market supported.  

Work on the long term mass projects, yes.  

But, we must see financial rewards today - and green job demand grow in every state now. 

1) find areas where during peak time, power companies are buying very expensive energy from far away.

2) the market will support the expense of green power, if it reduces the very expensive rate that is being paid right now during peak times like this.

3) put green power generation systems, locally, where these areas of high demand are - so that the very expensive energy is not needed to be brought in.

4)  this starts a boom in green energy in every state.

5)  when these people finish their jobs in their states, they will expand outwards - including to the areas of mass projects like the sun-belt and wind-belt in the center of the country. 

6)  this initial action generates a trained and experienced work-force, while creating a demand for the products of green businesses that is diversified geographically and based on different local economies.  This can create a stable base, when the economy goes weak in one area.  

7) Call me at 301-325-8227 for more ideas.

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