Saturday, June 28, 2008

When does a President get good at his job?

I believe it depends on the talent of the person to begin with.

But - consider that Bush had 8 yrs.

This is an MSNBC article below. Is it possible that it takes time for someone to get good at being the president?

With recent successes in North Korea (noting that a diplomat who is very effective may be in place), and other things.

Is it possible we would pull out of Iraq right at the time we get good at it?

Or the President learns how to responsibly handle the job after 8 yrs of on the job training?

Just a thought.

#1 in my mind is that what crosses the president's desk is only the major difficult decisions and the crises that require fast action by the one in charge. The one where weeks of thinking may not be allowed.

So my number one test would be the answer to the question.

Who would best handle the hard decisions and crises? If one says experience - then Mccain gets the answer. If one says, one who proves each day his judgement is ahead of the curve - Obama can have that because he was against Iraq from the start. If one believes the world

has changed so dramatically that experience is a detriment then you have another issue altogether.

McCain doesn't know how to Google. Thats how old and out of touch with the modern era he is. That is how Obama wins.

That is discourse in the vernacular. McCain has experience and a sure mastery of the way things used to be. He's not even up on the times enough to know how to Google. Do you google?

Bush seeks sanctions against Zimbabwe

President Mugabe expected to be sworn in Sunday after 'sham' election

Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi / AP
A man and his family examine results of the presidential runoff election Saturday outside a polling station in Harare, Zimbabwe.
Mugabe votes in presidential election
June 27: Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe casts his ballot in the internationally discredited and violence tainted presidential run-off.'s Dara Brown reports.

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Image: A mourner grieves
Zimbabwe runoff crisis
After months of politically fueled violence, Zimbabwe braces for its one-man presidential run-off election.

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Zimbabwean exiles protest
June 27: In London protesters carried a coffin from the Zimbabwean Embassy to the South African High Commission today to illustrate the death of democracy in Zimbabwe. ITN's Paul Davies reports.

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MSNBC News Services
updated 15 minutes ago

HARARE, Zimbabwe - The United States is developing penalties against the government of Zimbabwe, President Bush said Saturday, in response to the country's widely-condemned runoff election.

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